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Intumescent coating are more than just paint. Their decorative qualities comprise a small amount of their functionality. The primary purpose of intumescent coatings are to offer a high degree of passive fire protection to the structural steel elements of a building, saving lives and property.

The passive fire protection qualities, however, can only be assured when the coatings are applied according to strict standards and specifications. This website is offered ad a comprehensive resource guide to ensure the correct application of intumescent coatings to maximise the passive fire protection qualities they offer.

What are intumescent paint coatings?

Intumescent paint coatings are paint-like materials that are inert at low temperatures, but which provide insulation from extreme heat as a result of a complex chemical reaction at temperatures of around 200‑250°C.

As a result the coatings swell and provide an expanded layer of low conductivity char. Steelwork with correctly-applied intumescent coatings will not be affected by the high temperatures normally encountered in structural fires.

Who is this website for?

This website is provided as a comprehensive guide to architects, building designers, engineers, builders, developers and property managers to ensure their projects comply with the required standards.

It is also a reference point for contractors involved in the application and maintenance of intumescent coatings.

Basically, it is for anybody who has any involvement in passive fire fighting involving the use of intumescent coating products.

what is this website for?

It is intended to be the complete reference to intumescent paint coating systems... their specification, application and maintenance to meet the applicable standards and protect the occupants of the buildings you design and construct.

Please feel free to visit this website frequently... we intend to update the site regularly so it becomes your "go-to" reference site with up-to-date information and advice.

Please also free to ask questions and share your knowledge in our online forum. It's a friendly place where we can all share information and make our commercial, industrial and residential buildings a safer place for everybody to enjoy.

product datasheet library

We maintain a library of product datasheets as a ready-reference for you. This library is updated regularly but there are many products available so it isn't possible to provide every datasheet available. We do aim to provide the majority of datasheets for most the popular products.

visit the intumescent paint products datasheet library

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