Intumescent coating types

Advanced, hybrid technology intumescent


  • Able to apply 2-3mm in one-coat application, resulting in far greater productivity onsite for the main contractor and subcontractor.
  • Some products can be applied in very high humidity and tolerate water on the surface in just an hour after application.
  • Some products have low VOC.
  • Some products can be applied offsite and onsite as they are not affected by ponding or pooling.
  • Some products are very easy to repair if damaged during construction.
  • Some products can be applied over SA 2.5 blasted steel with tight surface rust for indoor application only.
  • Exterior exposure requires SA 2.5 with approved epoxy zinc or galvanising.
  • Most products can be overcoated with a top coat.


  • Some products don’t give high end glass type finish.
  • Can be more expensive than thin film, water-based products.
  • Generally better suited to 90 to 120 minute FRLs.