Applying intumescent paint coatings

Builders need to choose appropriately qualified subcontractors that are licensed to do work in the relevant state or territory, i.e. they are licensed to apply intumescent paint coatings.

Most of the recognised suppliers have approved contractors in each state that have been trained in the correct application of intumescent coating systems. They employ staff that understand passive fire protection, which is critical to ensuring builders are specified the correct intumescent coating system.

The Painting Contractor Certification Program (PCCP) is a government-endorsed scheme that accredits intumescent paint coating contractors according to an audited management system developed by the CSIRO. This accreditation is critical when selecting an intumescent coatings contractor.

environmental conditions

Weather and other environmental conditions need to be taken into account when applying intumescent coatings. For example extended drying times in winter months mean it is simply not feasible to apply a water-born intumescent coating with a 120 minute FRL.

visit the PCCP website

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