Getting help with intumescent paint coatings

As has been discussed elsewhere on this website, the specifying and application of an intumescent coating system is a highly specialised task that requires considerable training and experience to accomplish correctly.

We have endeavoured to explain as much as possible about intumescent coating systems but, at the end of the day, qualified contractors should be employed to ensure a system's compliance. They can assist in:

  • all steps in your project, from initial specification to installation
  • the optimisation of structural steel selection to ensure compliant fire protection
  • the use of multi-temperature analysis data to enable optimisation of critical steel temperatures
  • project-specific fire testing to assist with appropriate performance-based, fire-engineered solutions

The early engagement of a qualified contractor will ensure that a suitable, cost-effective system is specified, saving money in the long run.

One such company is Swart & Sons... a highly reputable contractor with a long-standing track record in the specification and application of intumescent coating systems.

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