Specifying intumescent paint coatings

Whilst intumescent coating products may look just like paint, they have an important function (i.e. passive fire protection) that makes their specification a much more involved process.

A correct intumescent coating system specification should include the following information:

  • The corrosive category
  • The steel section size, or the designated profile and dimensions of the member in question
  • The number of exposed sides that the member will have, for example a freestanding column will have four exposed sides, whereas a beam topped by a concrete slab or abutted against a wall will have three sides
  • The FRL that must be met, in accordance with the classifications provided by the NCC
  • The critical temperature or design load used by the structural engineer in their design
  • The steel preparation required
  • The intumescent basecoat and finish required
  • The top seal required
  • A product technical data sheet
  • Client details
  • Project details
  • Any other requirements, such as core-filling or meshing

The specification of intumescent paint coating systems is a highly specialised field requiring qualified practitioners in order to achieve compliance. Contact Swart & Sons for more information (or see the banner link at the bottom of this page).

For a more detailed explanation of the process, download this guide from Promat...

download the Promat Specifiers Guide to Steel Protection

specifications guides

Below are links to download specification guides for the leading brands of intumescent coating products.

If the brand or product you require is not shown contact the manufacturer for guidance. Most manufacturers are more than happy to assist you in specifying their products.

download a Nullifire SC803 specification guidedownload a Nullifire SC902 specification guidedownload a jotun specification guide

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